Welcome to the Peachtree City Volleyball Center, a training and competition center dedicated exclusively to the sport of volleyball. Opened in October of 2013, this 15,000 square foot, free-standing facility contains four competition volleyball courts.  The space is column-free and fully air conditioned.  It is the second such facility developed by real estate veteran Michael Fletcher, the first being the five-court Southern Volleyball Center in Alpharetta, which opened in 2011.

pcvc with new floor



The playing surface at PCVC was recently replaced.  The SnapSports product bears little resemblance to the Sport Court that was originally installed.  The modular units are about twice as thick as Sport Court and the understructure performs as a high impact shock absorber that reduces fatigue and injury to athletes. Each square foot weighs in at over one pound, stands ¾” tall and contains 16 shock absorbers in addition to nearly 1200 shock absorbing support towers:

snap tile undersideStop by and visit us.  You will feel the difference as soon as you step on the court.